Friday, March 17, 2017

Le Mini Macaron - my first sponsorship video!

Do you like to do gel manicure?
If you do, I think this is a right product for you.

This gel nail kit come with everything that you need in doing your gel manicure.
The design is just cuteeeeee and easy to keep.
You can bring it to everywhere because the size is really small.

I really love it ❤️

It's very convenient and it only takes 15 minutes to finish. 
As for me, the gel manicure is quite long lasting. The surface remain shinning until the tenth day.

It's suitable for people who like to do gel manicure with low price!

Here is the link to purchase the item

Step 1: Put some nail remover on cottons and use it to wipe your nails.
Step 2: Apply the first layer of 3-in-1 gel nail polish (As thin as possible)
Step 3: Use the LED light by putting your nail in and turning on the switch. (it will stop after 30 seconds)
Step 4: Apply the second layer
Step 5: repeat Step 3

I never introduce a product through video. THIS IS MY VERY FIRST TIME. IM SERIOUS.
It's quite nervous actually when I was trying to talk/explain the important message to the camera. I feel so shy and embarrassing while playing back the video I had recorded. HAHAHAHA


I overcome all the difficulties in making the video,
SOOOOO.... Can you guys click inside and take a look?

Comments and suggestions are most welcomed!

Thank you very much! 

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