Wednesday, March 29, 2017

30th March 2017 (Aloha Cafe & Hebe Tian birthday!)

Aloha Cafe, Sabak Bernam

One of my friends has started her business recently. And I was invited to her cafe opening! No joke, they really put a lot of effort in decorating the placeeeee. So i'm really in love with their design. 

It's quite a big cafe and this place is very close to Sekinchan. Do take a rest in this cafe if you are nearby, chill and chat. As this cafe is located in a kampung, everyone here is so friendly. Their lifestyle is kind of relax or chill compare to us, kids in the city.

These kids are too cute hahahah

I was actually here with my dad. Yea, he was busy saying "hi" to his friends. 

I'm trying to take good picture recently, instead of posing in front of the picture.

Address : LOT 2614, Batu 39 Jalan Senkendi, Sabak 45200 ( or WAZE Aloha Cafe)


Today is the birthday of my lady god. hahahaha She's my idol since i was young, i cannot remember how old was I. 

S.H.E, this girls' group is always my favourite. I memorised their lyrics, shout when I heard their song in radio, sing with them in front the television and even cried with them. HAHAHAHA When i first attended their concert, I almost turned myself to a crazy fans. I was really excited and can't sit still on the chair. (Like those crazy fans from korean drama, i never think that i will behave like that, but yes, i did.)

Ohya, I still remember that I was once cut my hair to short hair just because of HEBE. But I look very ugly with that TT

Happy Birthday Hebe Tian!
Hope you can meet your Mr. Right soon.

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