Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Get my hair dye again after 4 years.

I've been thinking for so many times before i made the decision. 

What I worried is -
1. I will look like lala mui hahaha
2. my hair will get damage

BUT in the end,
I'm so so so satisfied with the result.
After discussing with my hair-styler, i decided to dye my hair in ASH-BROWN.
It took me about 3 hours to finish, including hair treatment. And unexpectedly, my hair condition still good. hahahaha seriously i don't like if my hair look super dry. But, ya, it's still smooth and pretty.

- outdoor when there's no sunlight -

- exposed under the sun -

No filters are added to the pictureeeeeeeeessssssss. 

I usually do my hair in DE concept studio. Feel free to drop a visit there and do your hair!
Address: 36, Loring Sentosa 4, Taman Bayu Tinggi, Klang.
Contact Number: 03-3318 3156


終於 我終於畢業啦






Thursday, October 26, 2017



越长大 觉得越真心让自己越辛苦
因为当我真心了 我自然就期待真心的回复

社会上总是有人用不同的方法 套路





因為機會 本來就是留給那些有做準備的人

你沒努力 憑什麼就能把別人的成就說成運氣。

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Introducing new T3 products ♥️

So... finally I got chances to introduce and try out T3 products!
I knew this brand since I was a high school student as my brother used to apply this to cure his pimples. He said the pimple cream of T3 is really useful to him and easy to get - we can get it in most of the pharmacies (Watson, Guardian, Aeon Wellness, Caring Pharmacy etc.) 
T3 Pimple Gel + and T3 Acne Body Spray 

T3 Pimple Gel+ is a new improved formula as it helps to sooth, unclog pores, remove excess sebum and most importantly - act against pimple causing bacteria. I use this pimple gel during my assignment week and I'm very happy with the result!
My skin is usually oily in the T-zone. So, most of the pimples formed in my forehead. I applied it on my forehead every time after I wash my face. It works. I use it even when I do make up as this product is not oily at all - it got the gel-like texture and smell like light tea tree.
Price : RM17.49

T3 pimple gel focuses in curing the face while T3 Acne Body Spray is helpful in solving all kind of body acnes. With the NEW improved natural active ingredients, it helps to remove all the acnes on our bodies. It is free from PARABEN! It is designed is a very hygiene way as we can apply on our body with EASY SPRAY SYSTEM. Hence all area of body is easily #REACHABLE with the EASY SPRAY SYSTEM now!
Price: RM22.15
Personally, as compare to T3 Acne Body Spray, I will consume more on T3Pimple Gel +as it is really helpful and easy to keep. (only 15g and I always put it in my handbag, hahaha) The second reason is, I don't have much acnes on my body. 
For boys and girls who have acnes problem or pimples on face, come, let's get T3 Pimple Gel+/T3 Acne Body Spray in the pharmacies! Im sure you guys will love it. :D

Friday, June 2, 2017

3.7.2017 想家的夜



都会很想念在家乡的妈妈 还有好朋友们



放学后不是赶着去补习 就是学校活动

为什么每次半夜就会无故感叹 感慨



有出去 但是已经懒惰一直拍照了

因为每个人都在上大学 都在上不一样的大学

哇 资政啊 你那时候真的很瘦嘞!



我很吵 我有时候一个人就很热闹了
很爱说话 笑也很大声

然后也很容易生气 很爱哭


然后我就这样 无缘无故哭了



「诶不要弄yiling嘞 等下她哭啊」
「不要怕 有什么事你就哭!」


但其实 现在我也没好到哪里去
就一样 伤心就哭 开心就笑

可是 本宫做不到啊!!!

真 的 太 怀 念 了

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

30th March 2017 (Aloha Cafe & Hebe Tian birthday!)

Aloha Cafe, Sabak Bernam

One of my friends has started her business recently. And I was invited to her cafe opening! No joke, they really put a lot of effort in decorating the placeeeee. So i'm really in love with their design. 

It's quite a big cafe and this place is very close to Sekinchan. Do take a rest in this cafe if you are nearby, chill and chat. As this cafe is located in a kampung, everyone here is so friendly. Their lifestyle is kind of relax or chill compare to us, kids in the city.

These kids are too cute hahahah

I was actually here with my dad. Yea, he was busy saying "hi" to his friends. 

I'm trying to take good picture recently, instead of posing in front of the picture.

Address : LOT 2614, Batu 39 Jalan Senkendi, Sabak 45200 ( or WAZE Aloha Cafe)


Today is the birthday of my lady god. hahahaha She's my idol since i was young, i cannot remember how old was I. 

S.H.E, this girls' group is always my favourite. I memorised their lyrics, shout when I heard their song in radio, sing with them in front the television and even cried with them. HAHAHAHA When i first attended their concert, I almost turned myself to a crazy fans. I was really excited and can't sit still on the chair. (Like those crazy fans from korean drama, i never think that i will behave like that, but yes, i did.)

Ohya, I still remember that I was once cut my hair to short hair just because of HEBE. But I look very ugly with that TT

Happy Birthday Hebe Tian!
Hope you can meet your Mr. Right soon.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Le Mini Macaron - my first sponsorship video!

Do you like to do gel manicure?
If you do, I think this is a right product for you.

This gel nail kit come with everything that you need in doing your gel manicure.
The design is just cuteeeeee and easy to keep.
You can bring it to everywhere because the size is really small.

I really love it ❤️

It's very convenient and it only takes 15 minutes to finish. 
As for me, the gel manicure is quite long lasting. The surface remain shinning until the tenth day.

It's suitable for people who like to do gel manicure with low price!

Here is the link to purchase the item

Step 1: Put some nail remover on cottons and use it to wipe your nails.
Step 2: Apply the first layer of 3-in-1 gel nail polish (As thin as possible)
Step 3: Use the LED light by putting your nail in and turning on the switch. (it will stop after 30 seconds)
Step 4: Apply the second layer
Step 5: repeat Step 3

I never introduce a product through video. THIS IS MY VERY FIRST TIME. IM SERIOUS.
It's quite nervous actually when I was trying to talk/explain the important message to the camera. I feel so shy and embarrassing while playing back the video I had recorded. HAHAHAHA


I overcome all the difficulties in making the video,
SOOOOO.... Can you guys click inside and take a look?

Comments and suggestions are most welcomed!

Thank you very much! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

16th March 2017 - little sad things in life

Time passes unconsciously. 
It's already the third month in 2017!
And, it means that I'm getting older, again. 


Im the only girl in my family and my younger brother works for my uncle in China. My parents live separately (they were divorced since I was ten). 

Well, what I'm going to say is not related to my family.


I just feel really tired in doing housework recently. And this little sad thing had led me to write a blog. I'm currently stay in KL with my dad, and you know right! Guy always don't know how to maintain the cleanliness in a house. So, I play the role in doing that. This morning my mum came and visited me from JB. So to please her, I actually purposely clean the whole house TT

Am I the only girl who doesn't like to do housework?

I can't bear with dirty environment, but I'm lazy.

I'm lazy Lazy Lazy LAZy LAZY. 


Here's another thing that upset me today.

I don't know why.
Sometimes I've tried my best to tolerate with other's attitude, their irresponsibility behaviour. I keep enduring myself with it even though I don't have to, but, some people just like to challenge the limits of another. 

I give you an inch and you take an ell.

It's just not right!

Talk big, dream big, so, pls, your actions have to big enough as well. 

(Imagine if you bought a set of tableware in shopping centre, you got home and realised that's only spoon and plate, with no fork and knife, ARE YOU HAPPY? NO RIGHT!)

People like me is also not happy when I listen to bluff with no results.

Okay maybe this example doesn't fit.
But, I don't care. 

Don't come and blame me when bad things happened. Pretend that you played your role well and try to lecture me. Yes, I'm nice person but I'm not born up to be blamed. 😅

Tomorrow will be a great day again!
Forget it forget it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pulau Manukan , Sabah (Manukan Island)

Many people ask me about this island. 
So I plan to write an article to explain about my tour to this island.

This is my second visit to this island - I had visited here in my thirteen years old.
I dont have any picture of it because during my last visit, I dropped my phone (nokia 5300) into the sea water. HAHAHAHAHAHA and last time I didn't use camera at all.

My flight ticket to Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) is about RM300 person. (return ticket included). We taking the flight of Airasia.

We stay one night in Kota Kinabalu before we head to the island.
On the next day, we took the boat from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal.
The boat is available from 8 o' clock in the morning.
To buy the ticket, you can just refer to the counter.

Return ticket - RM50 per person (overnight price, one day trip will be cheaper)
Snorkelling equipment - RM30 for four person (the people in charged counts us cheaper because we are Malaysian😂, so good to be local!!!)

My dad behind. HAHAHA

Sea view from the boat.

So, here is the link for the resort we stay and this is the only resort that available in Pulau Manukan. This island is actually small as compare to the others. 

The resort is clean. We booked the one with price RM932 (to be exact is RM980++ included tax).

One room can only fit two person, to add a single bed, you may need to top up RM200.

Many people come Manukan Island for one day trip, because the resort is pricy and limited. Most of the tourists are from Korea and China. It's quite surprising to see a lot of Korean here! hahahaha some of the signboards even write in Korean so they can understand easily.

All the pictures are snapped using my camera - Olympus E-PL8
- no edited -

I can't wait to take picture once I get down from the boat. The water is just so CLEARRRRRRR !!!

The water depth in this picture is about 2 meter and above, but we can still see the fish inside. Can you imagine how clean is it ?! 

It's really happy to realised that this place is still clean and not polluted. It's totally same from my last visit.

Thank you for my videographer and photographer.

Isn't that wearing bikini a MUST in the island?
I loving wearing that in island. Not because that I want to "show" my body, but it's a kind of experience and suitable outfit in an island. Don't know whether you believe or not, most of the people wearing this and some maybe wear lesser. 

Once we reached there, we take the diving package. The boat took us to Mamutik Island for diving.

Diving - RM230.00 per person (1 hour only)
They will use a camera to take picture for us but the quality is not as good as go pro.

I can't even stand up when I was up from the sea. (after diving)

See, the quality really bad. hahahaha but i appreciated.

The coach was guiding us.

Once we stepped into the water, the weight of the gas tank become so light!

I was really nervous, and my reaction was super funny.
See, how I reacted to the GOPRO. I was like "NO NO NO NO NO, NOT NOW!!!"

Lesson learnt - I will never let my fringe untied in the my next diving.
It was so so so funny to see my fringe floating in the water.
It ruined my picture. HAHAHAHAHAHA

The one and only nice picture of me in the sea.
We dive 15 meter under the sea. I feel a little bit pain in my ears.
It's a cool experience.

Many memo fish and corals were spotted. 
So beautiful

This fish is poisonous.
We are not allowed to touch or even stay close to it.

In the evening, Manukan Island is really quiet and peaceful.
Most of the people are back to Kota Kinabalu.
As I mentioned before, the resorts here is limited and expensive.

We can only see few people chilling in the island.
We had our dinner in the sand bar (the only restaurant that available in Manukan Island)

Sand bar in Manukan Island.

Bloated face.

As expected, Malaysian food tasted better as compare to western food that we had ordered.
(because we are in MALAYSIA!)
The food here is normal, not very delicious but not bad also.

The food outside this island is absolutely better. Because there's so many competitors outside. HAHAHAHAHA

Seafood buffet or steamboat is available here! (lunch & dinner)
If not wrong, it's about RM55- RM70 per person.

Our bill for dinner is RM 168.00
Such a lucky number hahahaha
(in chinese 168 =一路发 , which means huat(lucky) all the way)

At night, there's not much activities here as well. Just chill.


Breakfast is included with the booking of resorts.

My dad is getting older.


(PS thank you for pampering me ❤️)

Breakfast is normal, too.
I don't have much comment on it, I'm not a breakfast lover. LOL

Second day.

Snorkelling again and again.
I was bitten by some coral fish TT
To prevent it, I suggested you to keep moving your legs.
HAHAHAHA Not really pain.
Didnt take much picture when I was snorkelling.

First, my camera is not waterproof.
Second, go pro is used to take video.
Third, my iphone 7 is water resistant but i don't dare to put it in the water as it is still new.
Fourth, I was busy-ing explore the sea ain't no time for photo taking.

Chilling beside the resorts.

As compare to other islands, Manukan Island is more relaxing. Not much activities available here. Everyone is chill and enjoy. Like my dad, he laid by the beach most of the time and did nothing.

The line here is fine, not as good as in the city.
No wifi available.
I am using Maxis line.

There's some sad things that happened in this island -

some of the tourists take out the starfish or sea urchin from the sea - trying to snap picture of it and show off in social media. I feel really bad when I see this happened in this island. 

Did you know?
Starfish could die in 10 seconds when you took them out of the sea water and so as the sea urchin.

Please be responsible and do not behave like a selfish person. 

Be a good tourists, explore the sea with your eyes but not your hands. 

Play your role to prevent the distinction of those species. Once we stepped into the islands, we need to play our role well so everyone who visit the place after us can enjoy the place like us.

Thank you for reading my blog. 


For further information that you would like to know, feel free to email me at