Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Mother 's Day ---- 食客 ♥

Go out at the early morning.

Say Happy Mother's Day to my mother and hug her.
I had present a piece of cake for my mum .
Dont know what to buy. Mum seemed dont need anything more.


Go Jusco on the afternoon.
With friends , for study.
I brought lots of foods. Always.

About 2pm, hehehe.
Andrew texted me.
He said he saw me.
When i was studying at Jusco. And asked me for a tea. It had been a long time since the last time we met. hahahahahahahahah. Liqin Tin! Remenber that day? Embarrassed.What a bad memory! hahahahahahaha. 

Chat Time.
The one he post on his FB I am UGLY.
So i want to show the others.hahahahahahahahahaha.


Chat many things.hahaha.

We thought that we would see VEGENE TEH. Cauz she check-in at there. But we didnt see her. Maybe back home already. LOL. 

Go back after an hour.

Chean Yee 's mum got come before. She asked her to back home early cauz want to go out for dinner.

 Look! You always shoot better with my camera. i had proved it.
Continued my study.

Actually Pei Shee also study with us , but she refuse to take picture. What a camera-hater ! hahahaha



Go 食客 with my family!

Did I looked alike with my mum? LOL.
Many ppl said that. But also got some ppl say that we looked different and I more alike with my dad . 
My mum is prettyyyyyyyy.

Chean yee and her family also ate at there.
Lucky \ ^0^ /

My mum love to eat Korean food. 
 What I can say is my mum -----she is very hiao lorrrrr!!!!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She asked me to take picture for her because she want to change her profile picture. hahahahahaha.

 I love thissss___ Kimchi soup.

Yummy !!! ^ ^

I wish I can do anything I like . But it seems IMPOSSIBLE for me. Why there are many things to do now? I know I am greedy . Always wish to rest rest and rest . 

No appetite to eat . =(

Friday, May 11, 2012

Watch The Avengers 3D 04.05.2012

hehehehehehe ;D

Thanks Jelly for asking me out !

I loveeeee youuuu !!!


Sunlight filter through the curtains of the window. 

It was about 11pm. 
But I still lay on the bed, Hahaha , then I received a call form Jelly. Ask me to watch a movie with her family. hiakhiakhiakhiak. 

It 's a long time since the last time I go out and dress myself. Enjoy it ^ ^

 We took about an hour to reach Tebrau.
There are so many ppl there.

Look! There's a long queue.

it 's much longer than i had thought.

We queued a long time for our turn......

So siezzzzznnnnnnnnn T^T

Then when reached our turn to buy the tickets , there was just the seats where at the 1st two line. Ommmoooo....


Pizzahut ;DDD

Jelly 's mum.
Very cute! She also love to dress herself, sometimes i go jelly 's home. Her mother was using the comestic and said the she want to go out what. hahahahahaha . Then Jelly will say her hiao. hahahahahaha . 

*Beside she was her husband, Jelly 's dad ---- a funny uncle too.

quite fainted .
To sit so front.

I love Iron Man.
So cute ;DDD

But I really not very understand the beginning of the movie. hahahahaha. Almost fall asleep.

Fighting my friends!
Dont always follow the others' words.
You are yours, not his.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

09.05.2012 Exam week.

I realised that it is difficult to find a ppl who really know me. What i like or dislike. Where i love to go. What kind of activities i really like. Even friends. Sometimes i felt that my friends are selfish. But i dont know how to say it in a sentence___it might be a story___a long story. Just smile and let it pass. The more important i know myself the most___and dont need to think the others' gossip.

I dont like to talk with the clevers sometimes. They are just ... emm ... motivative. Always say i didn study ahr what what what . Then when the results out. Score many As. Haiz. Maybe i jealous of them. I am too bad. But i really dont like.

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