Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Times so fast. December coming already. It means that our holidays will end soon. Phew. Yesterday I watched a movie with my dear cousin---Sam! He's nice. He teached me how tp drive a car ;) That's cool. 101130---the first time I sit at the driver seat and control the car. He promise to bring me next time. lalalala>< >

I wish I can date with someone during my secondnary school-time. ;)

And my dad bought my brother and I a laptop yesterday. Thank DADDY. I love you♥ Now I use the laptop to key out this blog. Woohoo. We own a laptop finally. So next time we dont need to argue for the computer. -.-

Back-working;) And, Love you all♥

Friday, November 12, 2010


Long time no come here! because I'm busy here. Busy studying. Busy watch . Really handsome lar! OMG!!!!

I really dont ike the ppl who enjoy HAOLIAN. adui. Talking his/her story to uswhn we are sms-ing-.- I would like to ask ''What is the point?''

My friend. I miss youS all. And my mum. Miss you too♥