Friday, October 29, 2010




Today, rainy day. I love this weather. feeling cool and... the wing is strong. sad now. what can I do? To make me feel better. I try to find something to do that can make me forget what had happen. But I cant. I've tried study(story books I buy recently), watch TV or even do house-working. But I still thought about that thing!! SHITTTTTTT HAPPPEEENN !!!!! @@

But never mind, I can run out from here soon. erm...about 3days more? I'm not sure. Haven't prepare anything. Dont know where should I start to prepare. Shirt & shoes & comestic & book & something I 've to bring to prevent I start bored at there. It's so many. Tired out of this.

Selina had injured. GOD. Hope she can recover soon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today is my bro's birthday. Happy birthday^^

Yesterday go Cs with Aiko, Vicky, Vyon & Jelly;) Sure happy. But tired. Take a lot of pictures.





five of us inside here ^___^!!!

I 'll remember that day forevvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
Thanks you you all, My sisters.
I love you-ss.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Draw by Machi♥
Yesterday night, I'm too free. So express my feeling through drawing

Last night, singing loudly at my room.

I sleep at 2a.m. phew. The next morning I wake up and look at the morror. OH MY GODNESS! How deep the dark circles of me is! haiz-.-

After finish my breakfast, nothing to do. That's because my brother had take over the pc TT.

<我们结婚了>damn funny lar!

Pity Yiling. Her holidays is meaningless.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Dancing lesson had been canceled this morning. Phew. I were told by them when I'm taking bus to Twister. Can them call us earlier next time.


I draw it♥

HELLO! Who are you ahr? Why you say I must reply your message? Cheh. SHIT!

I tell you at here. YOU are nothing to me. Okay? Do you satisfy this? anyway.


My friendSS! I really miss you! After holiday, that's difficult for us to meet each others.

I'm sorry for out from the band. SORRY x100. My mum not allowed me to join. I'm not dare to say anything with you all. Not dare to reply all yours' message. Scare for being scored! paisey nia><>

Girl's generation really cool. woo.

Stay at the home the whole week. Nothing I can take for a pic TT

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Feeling free yesterday@@ So shoot a few pictures!
**Un-Edited **
Lazy to wear contst lens!
This 's the 1st time I take photos without wears contacts lens! I know ugly -.- . But that's me!

Chocolate's mirror♥
I love it.
Today went to school about 20 minutes. Go and take the books we had ordered before. And before go back to home, I buy a comic . Maybe affected by SAWWAH♥

There's the book we had order! Many right?! I think like that so ! @@
*Aiko, Vicky, Vyon & Ching Jing.
COME and TAKE your book faster!
*Don't mis-understanding! I buy only two pieces! Ahahahahaaa ;)

Step too fast and I, Unable to follow. ♥


综艺大国民♥really funny lar!

I'm now at home alone. Laugh loud and louder! Enjoy-ing follow Korea's stars recently. They're definitely beautiful & handsome . I want to find a korean as my boyfriend lar >< !!!

Gina called me just now;) Now she's at KK.
10 day more. I'll leave here.

{Got anyone see my blog?! Pls leave a message. Thanks. ♥ }

Tuesday, October 19, 2010









Got go school today❤I'm very hardworking, right? Ahahahahaa. Actually forced by my mum TT. Go once a week. Vyon and Jelly also go there, join.

This morning Jelly and Vyon came to my house, ask me to go school with them, when we reach at the school's entry, we go along the road. OH MY GODNESS! Shadbuddin follow our step and try to scold us loudly, behind us ! I feel that we follow by a crazy & old man. Discusting lar! shameless><

We spent all the day on helping our teacher. Damn bored.
I swear that I wouldn't go to school during this year, even a day.

Wish that my dad can drive me to KL as soon as possible. Because life at here is too lame-.- All my friend have to work now !
Listening to [惧高症]by 徐佳莹 now. Nice song

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm not alone, I just a single.❤

Yesterday went S'pore with my mum and bro. One night only we stay there. Actually I want to stay for a week, someone gepo who tell my mum that if I dont go for school, I 'll kicked out from the school!!!! I hate her. POK her!

We go SengSong.Listen Hebe's song-寂寞寂寞就好.when shopping at SengSong. Cant sing because I've no sound now. Argue the whole night with my mum cause it!!

I found at the trolley. Ahahahaha.
[I 'm lost.Please bring me back.]

Dont ask me lar ! Who are you ?! Are you think that you can force me to do what I didn like ??? You CANT!!!! Definitely cant@@ Killl you!

I love my friend❤

Unabled to accept you, Sorry❤

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Finally, the exam is end. Phew. Relax!!!!!

Happy Hour^^

Yesterday go out with Aiko,Vyon,Jelly and also Lijun. Really nice!!! We do sampat thing all the time. Actually Lijun didn join us before, Jelly ask her to join. But I think nevermind lar. NOT very care about that thing. Cause she 's nice. She never look like...very care about other-vision, although she's pretty, damn pretty!!!! { Vicky didn join us, she said her mum not allow her to go out at that time, about 5pm to 10pm. }

Later we go and sing in My box. The KtV setting is not as well as I thounght:( But we still enjoy. Singing & dancing crazily**

I cant open my eyes!!!!!

They said want to act like the ghost. But after the picture shoot, I realised what the mean of the GHOST they talking about!!!!! You fearful are me!!! TT so ugly.

LiJun and Aiko^^

Vicky,dont upset! We can go next time;)

I love all my friend;)

I dont care how sincerely you are. I would never touched. I had told you that dont waste time, hence that;s not my fault.

Maybe I'm a lesbian.
I dont mind to-be.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I 'm fine recently. Single is nice. I dont know why I envy the others that who in relationship before. Regret for that. Actually there are many nice guy around me, I had think and try to accept them. But I can't. Dont know why. Feel a little discusting when started to think that I have to go out with him, message him, told him what I'm doing now or even we have to tolerate each other, whatever. I'm fed up with all that thing! I will lose all my freedom if I date with them!!! OMG!!! I can just go and die!!!

Today is the third day of PMR. Everything 's okay;)

We order McDonald to school today. Yummy. Selina 's mum help us to bring the Mcdonald that we had order. Selina's mum,Thanks!!!!!! Yummy~


Sunday, October 3, 2010


Exam is start about 2 days.
Phew. Curious now;((

Gina came my house last Friday. hehex. I spent all my time in sleeping, playing, taking photos, and also shopping! lalala... Wonderful><>

Lazy to write so much><>