Thursday, January 11, 2018

Budget trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Part II

Many people curious on how much I spent in this trip. So, here am I to tell you - I ONLY SPENT AROUND RM1300 FOR THE WHOLE TRIP. I know many people can spend lesser than me, but i already tried my best. hahahahaha

Total expenses in Flight Ticket = RM517.00
Senai Airport to Ho Chi Minh city - RM219.00 (Including 20kg baggage)
Ho Chi Minh City to KLIA2 - RM298.00 (including 20kg baggage)

Total expenses in Stays = RM120.00
We stayed in Phan Lan 2 Hotel for four nights, it's a room with two queen beds and very near to the city. Strongly recommend to people who planning a trip to Ho Chi Minh City. We really save a lot in staying. HAHAHAHA

I changed around RM700 to Vietnamese Dong for food, souvenirs and the others. 

RM517 + RM120 + RM700 = RM1337

I'm sorry if this is not budget enough hahahaha. We could save more in flight tickets if we get to buy it earlier. hahahaha. 

ohya, we bought our SIM card at the airport, MOBIFONE for 150,000VND (about RM30.00) for 15gb of data plan.


Highlands Coffee

Highlands Coffee is something like "starbxxks" in Malaysia. Hahaha you can see it all around Saigon City and most of them are full of people. Im not a coffee person, but i give it a try - I ordered matcha latte and it tasted good!

Something cool 1 = Some of the shops in Ho Chi Minh City don't allow people to take picture inside. After taking of these pictures, one of their employees noticed and stopped me from taking picture. 

HMMM I dont understand. Why why why cannot take picture? It's just a cafe!

No choice, I have to walk out the take a picture of my drink. HMMHMM why why why?

Food in Ho Chi Minh City

I really love their food!!!!!!
While walking from one place to another, we can see a lot of small stall selling food. 

And, I would like to share you guys my experiences in finding good food.




We eat all the time. Most of my money spent in food.


Weird, this auntie don't allow me to take picture also. why why why can somebody tell me why?

Something cool 2 - most of the restaurants in Vietnam serve their food on a super small table. We were asked to sit on a chair which has almost the same height with table. So, to eat the food, we need to bend down ourself to reach the food. hahahaha

See, it's quite tiring. hahaha


Something cool 3 - The tables and chairs are arranged in a way that the customers will face the street while eating. 

Street food is a must in Vietnam.

I dont know what is it call, but i like it so much. Luckily i got the chance to eat it before we fly back. 

If you ask me what is the thing that i miss the most in Ho Chi Minh, I will definitely tell you - their food.


This is my first time travelling oversea with my friends. 

其實真的很開心這次旅行可以促成 謝謝你們的說走就走

三個白羊座 + 一個魔羯女(就是我)


黃慧敏 你能不能別對我這麼兇 人家好委屈!

我從來沒有想過俐君可以那麼有梗 當然 就像我也沒有想到你那麼怕死一樣
哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 還有秀君 根本就是我們之前的體力跟勇氣擔當


我覺得整趟旅途 因為我的糊塗

因為我沒看清楚飛機號碼 我就以為我們的飛機要飛了!
“gate changed”

“秀君 跑!!!!!”








有我在的地方 就有笑話!



真的不一樣 真的很開心❤️



Mui Ne One Day Trip

We book the trip through the travel agency. Worth going because I really love the "desert". I took many nice pictures there and also videos. If you wanna see more about this place, please, wait for my travel videos!!!! 

The wind is strong, and this girl was trying her best to run against the wind.

One funny thing happened when we walked through the river - the cow was shitting at the side of the river, and the bullshit flow with the stream of water! It's still hot!!!!!!

HMM. We were screaming and trying to escape from it. My friend was like "yiling yiling it's there!!" I was like "where where which which" and screamed like hell. 


so embarrassing.

Many people laughed at us. hahahahahaha bullshit. Hope you guys will like the video because I will include it and you guys will see our response there. hahahaha stay tuneeeeeeeddddd!

Somemore, i would like to introduce you guys a plaza - So Do Sense Plaza. hahaha a lot of things to shop there. And a night market we visited is located opposite to our hotel. I bought a lot of cute things there. so cheapppppppppppppppp.


After finished my last semester in college, finally able to go for a trip. I 'm still planning for other trips because I start to work. Will update again here. 

Thanks for reading my blogggg. 

Do left me a comment if you have any question.


I wish I could travel more. How nice if travel is free. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Budget trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Part I

Finally after finished my last semester in college, I planned a trip with my high school friends. It took only about three days for us to form a group to Vietnam. At first I was just chitchatting with Regyne, we talked about travels. And then suddenly we had a thought of visiting Vietnam together. So, immediately, we asked for the opinions of the rest and booked tickets and hotels. 就在三天內的說走就走!

This is a super budget trip! 
For students who don't have so many budget to travel, I will definitely recommend HO CHI MINH CITY. I 

I spent around 1200 for the whole trip. (Cheapest trip ever for me)

Here are some questions that people use to ask me after my trip to Vietnam:

1. How is the food?
It is so so so so so good. For Malaysian who like street food like me, you will enjoy in Vietnam because they have similar taste with us. HAHAHA

2. Any place to visit?
A lot of places to visit. Five days is not enough for us. TT I wish to stay more at there. 

3. How is the price?
The price is about the same in Malaysia, slightly cheaper. hahaha 
(Advise: Remember to BARGAIN or ASK for the price before you order or buy anything)

Ho Chi Minh Trip
(26th - 30th December 2017)

Day 1 - Ho Chi Minh Airport - Phan Lan 2 Hotel - Tan Dinh Parish Church (Pink Church) - Walk around Tan Dinh Market - Vinh Nghiem Pagoda (Guan Yin Temple)

Day 2 - Mui Ne one day trip

Day 3 - Notre Dame Cathedral (Red Church) - Saigon Post Office - Saigon Book Street - Ben Thanh Market - Cafe Apartment

Day 4 - Mekong Delta one day trip - Saigon Night Market 

Day 5 - Walk around Saigon city (Free time + no rush) - Ho Chi Minh Airport

I planned to visit a lot of places but we couldn't make it because I didn't expect that we would spend so many time in certain places. HAHAHAHA So, after discussion, we cancelled our visit to places like Saigon Opera House, Ho Chi Minh City Museum, War Remnant Museum and Independance Palace.  

Well, I think next time i need to discipline myself more. Since this is the first time I took initiative in planning a trip, I will gain experience from it and improve myself for the next trip. (还有进步的空间hahahaha) 

Tan Dinh Parish Church (Pink Church)

It's so pretty! Tan Dinh Parish Church is the second largest church in Ho Chi Minh City. This church is not in pink when it was first built. It was then repainted and refurnished into memorable pink in 1957.  

hahaha A lot of people taking pictures around this building. It was exactly like the picture - pretty and girlish. 

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda (Guan Yin Temple)

Visit to this Guan Yin Temple because my friend feels like praying. It is worth visiting! Didn't manage to take a lot picture because my mum is super "pantang". She warned me before the trip, hahaha.

Notre Dame Cathedral (Red Church)

I think this church is under renovation. hahaha lazy to walk inside, so we just taking picture outside the church. 

Saigon Post Office

A must-visit-place!
I love this place so much, hahaha 

Inside the post office, there is a shop selling souvenirs and postcards. I bought some postcards for families and friends, of course, I purchased with stamps.

This building was constructed when Vietnam was part of French Indochina in late 19th century. It counts with Gothic, Renaissance and French influences. 

Most importantly, the building is well-maintained. 

Really enjoy the atmosphere in Saigon Post Office, we can see people from different countries posting letter to the one they care. 

Saigon Book Street

Saigon Book Street is located beside the McDonald. It is very easy to find.

The sad thing is - I don't read Vietnamese. HAHAHA English book is hardly to be found here. Well, it's okay. Im not here for books. 

Ben Thanh Market 

Gently remind, bargain at here because they might set the price two times higher than normal price. hahaha I regret of purchasing at here because the price is actually higher than other places. (At first i thought it will be cheaper TT)

Cafe Apartment

Okay, the funny thing in cafe apartment is - we need to pay if we wanna use the lift. hahahaha. After shopping at the market, we decided to take a rest in the cafe.

I prefer the night view, how about you?

Basically these are all the places that we had visited in Saigon City. On and off, we stopped by and got ourselves some street food. I love their food so much!!!


I have too many things to tell, stay tuneeedddd for PART II.


I will introduce about the food and trips to Mui Ne & Mekong Delta tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Get my hair dye again after 4 years.

I've been thinking for so many times before i made the decision. 

What I worried is -
1. I will look like lala mui hahaha
2. my hair will get damage

BUT in the end,
I'm so so so satisfied with the result.
After discussing with my hair-styler, i decided to dye my hair in ASH-BROWN.
It took me about 3 hours to finish, including hair treatment. And unexpectedly, my hair condition still good. hahahaha seriously i don't like if my hair look super dry. But, ya, it's still smooth and pretty.

- outdoor when there's no sunlight -

- exposed under the sun -

No filters are added to the pictureeeeeeeeessssssss. 

I usually do my hair in DE concept studio. Feel free to drop a visit there and do your hair!
Address: 36, Loring Sentosa 4, Taman Bayu Tinggi, Klang.
Contact Number: 03-3318 3156